This about page is non-normative. (I don’t actually know what ‘non-normative’ means.)

Hi, there! I’m Paul DeLeeuw, and I “write” this ahem web-log. Or “b-log” as it is nary abbreviated, or “blog” as it is frequently abbreviated. Or b’log as it is abbreviated and then translated into Klingon.

Going here means that you likely have nothing productive to do at the moment, and you desire entertainment with substance and charm. Undoubtedly, you are in the wrong place, but I will do my best to provide you with some small comfort, and try to alleviate your loneliness in this sad place we all call the internet, and George Bush calls “The Internet(s)™”.

Some of the humourous topics you might find here:

  • Jokes revolving around spelling “humor” and “color” as “humour” and “colour,” respectively, as if I am a “Brit” or alien (who are, as SciFi Channel teaches us, all British).
  • Jokes revolving around Science Fiction in general, or as I frequently refer to it, “Science Fact not yet realized.”
  • Cupcakes. I am not sure what is funny or cool about cupcakes yet, but I can identify the trend, and am getting on board. Click my Adsense, please.
  • Jokes revolving around monkeys or hamsters. Hamsters are the new Monkey, by the way, so anywhere on the internet you see the word “monkey,” insert the word “hamster” and you will find yourself delighted, smiling, and probably slightly confused.
  • Regular status updates about my life. Though very real to me, my life is regularly hilarious, and unfortunate, and I hope that I can share both my hilarity and my misfortune with you, dear reader.

So continue on to the links along the side of the page there, and take a look around. If you like anything, feel free to comment where appropriate, and email me at pauldl@gmail.com.

Thanks all!