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RestauRant: Joe V’s

Joe V’s Sports Louge is a decent place to have a beer and watch a game.  It’s a bit dark, with lots of TV’s, and a friendly wait staff and bartenders.

Sir Sack-a-lot

  Named after one of the football teams in my fantasy league, this fine squirrel specimen was captured on SD Card this past fall, feasting on a slice of bread we left for him.

Interpreting CSS, part 1

Hey folks! I’ve been seeing on the web lately that a lot of people are still having a hard time “getting” CSS. It’s not really code, in that it doesn’t execute, so it doesn’t really look right to programmers. Yet, … Continue reading

WordPress, I really love you.

Have I mentioned that WordPress is awesome lately? Today I needed to dynamically create an XSPF playlist for a website mp3 player. There’s a great XSPF player available over at Sourceforge that my client wanted to use. XSPF is just … Continue reading