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Fanboi Commentator

So, there’s a few good rumors out there, and I think I generally fall in line with Marco Arment. His being the reasoned, logical tea-leaf read, I’l just wildly speculate. Macrumors links to what they characterize as a dubious claim … Continue reading

From Bed, No. 1

So I’m becoming a dad. I guess that could be scary, and there are things that I’m scared about. But being scared, being afraid, is usually about knowing something could happen, that you have no control over, and fearing it … Continue reading

From Bed, No. 0

So the great thing about this iPad is that I can finally get back to blogging. Ah, the basics. Of course, all of you will simply have to hope that I’m wearing my PJ’s. Anyway, I’ll get down to it. … Continue reading

I like… What was this about again?

So, we talked about stuff. A looong time ago.

I like King of the Hill

I like Long Hiatuses

It’s been so long since we recorded this, that I have no idea what it’s about.  But hey, it’s good!  I’m sure!

You Will Love Robots

Not to get all sikkdays on you, but I saw this this morning and it freaks me out. Yo Gabba Gabba “We Are the Robots” from Mixtape Club on Vimeo. They’re programming our children to love robots.  Also, I had … Continue reading

Yes, I will watch Hulu. That is all.

You might remember a previous post in which I rant about Hulu, and how everybody was telling me to catch something I missed on Hulu.  If you don’t remember it: here you go. Today, things have changed.

Star Trek

You may recognize this inconspicuous fellow: Yes, that friends, is me.  And might I say, at the end of Star Trek, I did not need to punch JJ Abrams in the coccyx.  Also, herein likely lie spoilers, so if you’re … Continue reading

I Like the Japanese

This is really a stellar episode.  Starring Paul, Paul, and Tina, as well as Paul (raislak)’s parents, and a walk-in Zeke at about 40 minutes in. In case it’s difficult to make out, Zeke’s opinion is that the Japanese make electronics instructions … Continue reading