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Friday Night Baseball

I watched a bit of the first “Friday Night Baseball” – Mets at Nationals. I’m generally a Tigers fan, but the Mets are my adopted team, as I was taught from a young age to dislike the Yankees. I gave … Continue reading

Year New Happy!

Hello, Friends! It would be hard to say that this year will be different and not mean it. Teeny, Evie, and I will soon be joined by DeLeeuw Family Member #4. That won’t be the official name. I’m thinking “Bertrand”. … Continue reading

The Evie Blog

Howdy! In case you’ve not seen it yet, Tina and I are blogging things for Evelyn to read someday. You can find it over here: For Evelyn I think I’ll keep the “stuff I’m learning about parenting” posts here on … Continue reading

New Digs

Howdy! Doing a little tweaking to the ol’ blog here.  Picked up a nice responsive design theme for WordPress based on Skeleton.  It’s not perfect, but it’s nice to start with something solid and work from there. So, have a little … Continue reading

Fanboi Commentator

So, there’s a few good rumors out there, and I think I generally fall in line with Marco Arment. His being the reasoned, logical tea-leaf read, I’l just wildly speculate. Macrumors links to what they characterize as a dubious claim … Continue reading

From Bed, No. 1

So I’m becoming a dad. I guess that could be scary, and there are things that I’m scared about. But being scared, being afraid, is usually about knowing something could happen, that you have no control over, and fearing it … Continue reading

You Will Love Robots

Not to get all sikkdays on you, but I saw this this morning and it freaks me out. Yo Gabba Gabba “We Are the Robots” from Mixtape Club on Vimeo. They’re programming our children to love robots.  Also, I had … Continue reading

Five Star Trek Pickup Lines

Still missing 5ives from Merlin Mann.  So, I present a list of five Star Trek themed pickup lines.  If these do not work on the subject, then they do not pass the Double-Prime Directive: their culture is not sufficiently advanced … Continue reading

Five things for Young and Old

I miss the regular updates of Merlin Mann’s 5ives.  So here’s something to tide us all over for a bit:  Five things for Young and Old. An Armoir full of Trix. A Social Security check written and signed in crayon. … Continue reading


My favorite part?  Tina looks up and belches.  Totally awesome.