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I Like Juice is a podcast recorded by Paul D, Paul H, and Tina. Each week we go to a restaurant, chat and eat for an hour or so, and talk about TV, books, and our lives. Good times, and good conversation.

I Like Montreal Sauce


I like Mr. T

What a Thanksgiving Eve Treat! This is a throwback episode. How far back you ask?  Well… climb into your TARDIS and go back to… about a year ago, as best I can tell. Yep. Topics include burgers, Doctor Who, life, … Continue reading

I like Corsets

A very St. Patrick’s Day worthy episode.  Listen to this if you’re in the midst of your three-day stupor.

I like Quantum Leap

Bak-tacular and Andersonian

I like… What was this about again?

So, we talked about stuff. A looong time ago.

I like King of the Hill

I like Long Hiatuses

It’s been so long since we recorded this, that I have no idea what it’s about.  But hey, it’s good!  I’m sure!

I like Traffic Noise

Real, real great episode we have here.  I’ve blocked most of it from my memory, in fact. With @raislak, @pauld, @teenydvl, and @sikkdays.

I like Quadraphonics

In this week’s edition of “I like Juice,” we present not one but two complete conversations! In the Left Channel, we have the @sikkdays, the @RymzWiTerminatr, the @raislak, and MC @pauld. In the Right Channel, we have @teenydvl, @ItsLynzi, and … Continue reading

Revenge of Burrito

The “Son of Burrito” after-show.  Also, hilarious.