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Friday Night Baseball

I watched a bit of the first “Friday Night Baseball” – Mets at Nationals. I’m generally a Tigers fan, but the Mets are my adopted team, as I was taught from a young age to dislike the Yankees. I gave … Continue reading

Innovators Dilemma

So, hey, Andy Ihnatko is a smart guy. So’s Marco Arment. I don’t know that I entirely disagree when Andy says that consumers lose due to the results of the Samsung / Apple litigation. Maybe I do disagree simply from … Continue reading

The Talk Show leaves 5by5

I’m not a big “hey, news” blog, but this has been one of my favorite shows, so I’m inclined to comment. The Talk Show has moved over to Mule Radio Syndicate.  

Quick Comment on Android

A number of comparisons have been drawn between Apple’s “dominance” of the computing space in 1984, and Microsoft’s successive takeover, with Apple’s current “dominance” of the smartphone space, and the slow rise of Google’s Android. Although the analogy is flawed … Continue reading

Fanboi Commentator

So, there’s a few good rumors out there, and I think I generally fall in line with Marco Arment. His being the reasoned, logical tea-leaf read, I’l just wildly speculate. Macrumors links to what they characterize as a dubious claim … Continue reading

Yes, I will watch Hulu. That is all.

You might remember a previous post in which I rant about Hulu, and how everybody was telling me to catch something I missed on Hulu.  If you don’t remember it: here you go. Today, things have changed.


So it’s been a bit of time since Apple introduced it’s new Macbooks, and one of the new connectors is the mini DisplayPort. This replaces the DVI on the MacBook Pro, and the mini-DVI on my trusty MacBook. This is … Continue reading