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I Made an App

A few of my friends and co-workers already know this, but I’ve been working on an app in my off hours. Why?

Year New Happy!

Hello, Friends! It would be hard to say that this year will be different and not mean it. Teeny, Evie, and I will soon be joined by DeLeeuw Family Member #4. That won’t be the official name. I’m thinking “Bertrand”. … Continue reading

Moving on. So move on.

It sucks having to say goodbye to a client.  Especially when your clients are good people, and they’ve treated you fairly. Unfortunately, I’m in that position right now.  It wouldn’t be fair for me to pretend that I can still … Continue reading

Jerry and I on Catalyst Radio

Listen as Jerry and I extoll the virtues of the West Michigan Co-op, and try not to sound like morons. Also, our interview doesn’t really start until about halfway through.  Patience, grasshoppers and co-op-shoppers! Find more from WYCE’s Catalyst Radio … Continue reading

Hudsonville Voice Over

This is the City of Hudsonville DDA voice over.  Enjoy.