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Push it Real Good (but with less stuff)

A code post! How novel! Yesterday I was catching up on my blog reading and I ran across Casey Liss’ Shell → Watch Notifications. I love the idea – but it’s a bit of a kludge to put together as-is.

I Made an App

A few of my friends and co-workers already know this, but I’ve been working on an app in my off hours. Why?

New Digs

Howdy! Doing a little tweaking to the ol’ blog here.  Picked up a nice responsive design theme for WordPress based on Skeleton.  It’s not perfect, but it’s nice to start with something solid and work from there. So, have a little … Continue reading

Quick Comment on Android

A number of comparisons have been drawn between Apple’s “dominance” of the computing space in 1984, and Microsoft’s successive takeover, with Apple’s current “dominance” of the smartphone space, and the slow rise of Google’s Android. Although the analogy is flawed … Continue reading

Interpreting CSS, part 1

Hey folks! I’ve been seeing on the web lately that a lot of people are still having a hard time “getting” CSS. It’s not really code, in that it doesn’t execute, so it doesn’t really look right to programmers. Yet, … Continue reading

WordPress, I really love you.

Have I mentioned that WordPress is awesome lately? Today I needed to dynamically create an XSPF playlist for a website mp3 player. There’s a great XSPF player available over at Sourceforge that my client wanted to use. XSPF is just … Continue reading

Piece of Cake

Well, folks, I’m back from Summer Film with a vengance. And it’s time to get down to some programming, so here goes. We’ve all heard about Ruby on Rails. “It’s so great,” they say. “Ruby is so simple, and efficient,” … Continue reading

Drag ‘n Drop Googley Goodness

Hey all. Got a pet project I’m gonna lay on ‘ya. It’s a Google Search builder. One of the fun things about Google is the interesting stuff you can find by just surfing and modifying your searches. But it’s such … Continue reading

Fun with Adsense and Blogger

Hey all! Soooo…. I’ve set up this blog, right. It’s right here. You’re reading it. Good on ya. And Blogger makes it really easy to add Google Adsense to the blog. Real easy. ‘Cuz Google owns Blogger. Cool beans. It’s … Continue reading