C’mon, Pistons.

The last thing Detroit needs is another Red Wings. You went into the championships #1, come out #1 too. Please?

Ben Wallace criticized the emphasis on offense that Saunders has brought to the club. This is probably because Big Ben is a powerhouse defender, and now feels like his skills aren’t as useful in an offensive club.

That couldn’t be more wrong. The Pistons need Ben to continue to be a powerhouse defender. They need him to try to stop Shaq. Nobody actually can stop Shaq for any length of time, but Wallace could come close. Yet he didn’t seem to be putting in enough of an effort until the third quarter.

Of course, Detroit as a whole needs to play like they played that third quarter. Twelve points down, to four points up, back to twelve down. The third was the only quarter that they played Piston basketball. Frustrating.

Oh well. See you tomorrow, boys.

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