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Enclosing shapes

Apple: Your link must follow the Plain Button style, as specified in the Human Interface Guidelines. It may not be enclosed in a shape that uses a contrasting background fill. The background surrounding the text must match the background of … Continue reading

Friday Night Baseball

I watched a bit of the first “Friday Night Baseball” – Mets at Nationals. I’m generally a Tigers fan, but the Mets are my adopted team, as I was taught from a young age to dislike the Yankees. I gave … Continue reading

Push it Real Good (but with less stuff)

A code post! How novel! Yesterday I was catching up on my blog reading and I ran across Casey Liss’ Shell → Watch Notifications. I love the idea – but it’s a bit of a kludge to put together as-is.

Rise of the Authoritarian

Amanda Taub, writing for Vox: Even Hetherington was shocked to discover quite how right their theory had been. In the early fall of 2015, as Trump’s rise baffled most American journalists and political scientists, he called Weiler. He asked, over … Continue reading

n Degrees of Twitter

This week on ATP (or was it the after show?) the gents accidental discussed Twitter, frustrations with the crowd there, and strategies for dealing with what they politely called “negative feedback”. It’s a great discussion, and as they spoke my … Continue reading

A Podcaster is Me

So I’m podcasting much more frequently now – since the original run of I Like Juice I’ve started a fresh podcast with Chris called Montreal Sauce. For I Like Juice, I posted episodes here on the blog, which for simplicity … Continue reading

Define “Web”

John Gruber, in response to Chris Dixon: It’s possible that the word “web” is too tightly associated with HTML/CSS/JavaScript content rendered in web browsers — that if I want to make a semantic argument, I should be saying it’s the … Continue reading

Coincidentally Jarvis

From Christopher Mims, writing for Quartz: The result is a prototype wireless headset called “Jarvis” that sits in the wearer’s ears and connects to his or her smartphone. (Perhaps coincidentally, Jarvis is also the name of the voice recognition and … Continue reading

Pesky Freedom of Speech

In my life, I’ve seen maybe one full episode of Duck Dynasty. It’s a well-made show about people I couldn’t give a crap about, doing something I am not interested in, and having fun doing it. Suffice to say, I … Continue reading

Web and Native, Sitting in a Tree

Last night I read the delightful “Web Apps vs. Native Apps Is Still a Thing” by my he-doesn’t-know-me internet pal John Gruber. It’s a great piece, in response to this article from Wired. The most salient point here: Andreessen does … Continue reading