Drag ‘n Drop Googley Goodness

Hey all.

Got a pet project I’m gonna lay on ‘ya. It’s a Google Search builder.

One of the fun things about Google is the interesting stuff you can find by just surfing and modifying your searches. But it’s such a hassle typing all the time. You gotta put your hand on the mouse to click links anyway, right?

So with this (very beta! so beta, it’s alpha!) page, you can drag-and-drop words. The green box is words you’re looking for, the red box is words you’re ignoring. The orange box is a shelf to save interesting results in. Yellow words are draggable. Give it a shot. Click the “Semi-Live” to get a new page of results every time you drag a word around.

One caveat: This does break the “back” button. It’s all AJAX-y and cool, but I haven’t given it any kind of memory yet. I’ll get to it.


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