Fun with Adsense and Blogger

Hey all!

Soooo…. I’ve set up this blog, right. It’s right here. You’re reading it. Good on ya.

And Blogger makes it really easy to add Google Adsense to the blog. Real easy. ‘Cuz Google owns Blogger. Cool beans. It’s all good.

But, you’ve got one spot (according to the Blogger Template tools) that those ads can go. I’m a rebel, so I manually re-placed the adds over in the Sidebar where they don’t look like some crazy post where I when jumbo-doodle-cakes talkin’ ‘bout Pistons Collectible Gear in crazy link-type format. Fantastic.

Then I went to change the color scheme of the Adsense. That’s when it hit me. Boom. Jackhammer. You simply can’t move the Adsense. We want it up top. That’s it.

So I re-moved it down to the side bar and figured I’d fix the colors in the code. If you’re like me and you’ve moved your Adsense button, don’t ever touch the Adsense tab in Template editor, or you’ll find all your hard work undone.

So I go to edit the colors. I do so. The Adsense code is nice in that it gives you helpful javascript variables that you can set to the appropriate color as you see fit. I did so. I preview’ed. Everything is cool.

But when I go to re-publish my site, the colors won’t stick. The Adsense is right where it’s supposed to be. It looks OK. But it’s stuck color-wise. Which is really odd, because it works in the Blogger Preview. But not fo-real I guess. Not cool, guys.


UPDATE: Well, the colors updated between runs of Firefox. Which is interesting, because the first thing I tried was a reload, followed by a reload-frame, followed by a clear of the cache. Another interesting quirk: when I went to update this post, Firefox would routinely crash. I am now updating in Safari. Freaky.

Huh again.

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