Five and Change: Episode 1


Today is November 5, 2008, and this is Five and Change.  Yesterday, Barack Obama was elected by the American People to be the President of the United States.  In the light of this, I recognized that we are truly living in a new era, both for the United States, and the World.

It is my desire to chronicle, for about five minutes, three times a week, my life – our lives – in this new era.  This audio recording is not for entertainment, nor for news broadcasting.  It is simply a log of my throughts, as events happen.  It is for my children, my family, and for posterity.

I’m going to play a sound clip each show, one that talks about what I want to cover.  The show will always be between five and six minutes, hence, Five and Change.

If you’ve found this online somewhere, I hope it inspires you to do this same thing.  I welcome your participation.  Please join the conversation, at, or email me, Paul DeLeeuw, at

Now I leave you with this clip from President Elect Obama’s Speech in Chicago, November 4th, after winning the election.  This has been Five and Change, I’m Paul DeLeeuw, and I’ll see you Friday.

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