New Upcoming Podcast: “Book Report”

Today I’m going to announce another new podcast to join Five and Change and Paul and Tina’s Videos on botl. For now, I’m calling it “Book Report,” simply because it’s a simple title that tells you exactly what it is.

Here’s the format. I’ll pick a book, split it into three (as it makes sense), and present one 10 minute report each week on a new part of the book. I’m going to share the story with you, and I’ll also do a little basic analysis. It’s likely I’ll do classics for a while, but I’m considering branching a few podcasts out of this format, each divided by genre. We’ll see.

Are there any books you’d like to see? I will consider both fiction and non-fiction, but I am not looking to review how-to’s or manuals. My first book will be Joseph Campbell’s The Power of Myth with Bill Moyers. ISBN # 0-385-41886-8. You can find an Amazon link to it in the sidebar of my site,

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