Over 1 year…

Since the last post!

That’s awesome. Now that I’ve done a complete, nuclear reset of people interested in this blog, I figure it’s time to startup once again.

For those of you following along, yes, I’m still into CakePHP. It’s my primary PHP framework. I am also big into Prototype.js on the client side, simply because it makes Javascript a bit more friendly. I’ll admit, I wasn’t a big JS programmer prior, so I never really have hit the issues that some of the older JS developers hit when they tried Prototype.

I have a few websites I’m coding up at the moment. My biggest success so far has been the West Michigan Coop, which is a local, online food cooperative for the Grand Rapids, MI area. There’s actually a nine-county region that WMC serves. I am the CIO, and I also sit on the Coop Board. The site is climbing to 400 users, and we’ll probably help our participating farmers sell six figures worth of local food this year. Hopefully, seven figures in 2009.

The second – and the one that might actually make a little cash – is Travel Itineraries. Right now, if you go there, you’ll get a flash intro of what the site will be about. We’ll be launching a Beta of the site on May 10, 2008. Definitely looking forward to that!

I’d also like to get around to updating my own site – including this blog – much more frequently. That’s just a get-it-done philosophy that I’m going to start adopting in everything. While I mention getting things done, I’d point you at the wonderful book “Getting Things Done” by David Allen, and the website 43Folders. Two fantastic resources for essentially organizing your actions, and aligning them with your goals. Not to get all Motivational Speaker on you.

Well, check in again soon. More coming. Oh, and take a look at the next article down, “Mysterious Apple Phone.” It’s pretty funny to see what I thought the iPhone was going to be. And it also puts a perspective on how long it’s been since that last post.


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