RestauRant: Graydon’s Crossing

I love Graydon’s Crossing. I’m just going to say that up front.

Graydon’s Crossing is an authentic English Pub on the northeast side of Grand Rapids. They serve quite a few beers (including casked ales – awesome) and they have breakfast, brunch, and lunch / dinner foods, all with at least an English spin if not a full out true English meal.

I am no expert on English food, by the way. Just how authentic it is, I can’t really say – I’ll have to bring my English friend over there sometime and get a report from him.

What I do know is that the food I’ve had there is consistently good. I’ve had both breakfast and lunch there – they make an excellent “Roddy Dodger” sandwich. Sorry if you’re Brittish and finding “Roddy Dodger” in quotes hilarious.

The service is fantastic. Their selection of beer is amazing, and if you can’t decide what to get, their bartenders are extremely knowledgeable. Ask them, and you’ll get something you like, guaranteed.

So, I guess that’s not really a rant, huh? Five out of five, um, “Roddy Dodgers.”

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