Five Star Trek Pickup Lines

Still missing 5ives from Merlin Mann.  So, I present a list of five Star Trek themed pickup lines.  If these do not work on the subject, then they do not pass the Double-Prime Directive: their culture is not sufficiently advanced to be turned on by your supreme geekcraft.

  1. Your eyes are set to stun, but your looks are set to kill.
  2. Nice nacelles.
  3. I’d love to go warp speed with you, but I’m prepared to go at impulse if you want to take it slow.
  4. Are you wearing Orion Slave Girl Perfume?
  5. Do you need a ride back to Heaven?  Because I’ve got a starship.  Just sayin’.

Notice I resisted the “Beam me up…” ones.  Feel free to leave your own in the comments.  Also, I think you can add “Wanna make out?” to the end of any of these for added effect.

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