I Like Cosmopolitans


Episode 1 of the new podcast, I Like Juice.  Recorded at Walker Roadhouse in Walker, Michigan. Starring Paul, Paul, and Tina. We ate at the

Walker Roadhouse.  Paul D. had a Roadhouse Burger, Medium Rare, with Provolone and Bacon, and substituted fries rather than chips.  Paul H. (Raoul / raislak) had the Bacon-wrapped Meatloaf., no gravy, with wild rice, Christina has a Chicken Quesadilla, with Jalapeños on the side. They were all very good – all plates clean. Our server was Alyssa, and she was very good.  She waited on us as she needed to, and kept our drinks fresh without getting in the way. The ambiance was a bit loud.  We are going to experiment these first few episodes with microphones to try to get the best sound – that said, I don’t mind that you can hear the restaurant around us.  There was, however, a group of “cackling hens” as Tina says behind us, so you may hear uproarious laughter from time to time.  Par for the course. Our books that we are reading right now: 
* Raoul: Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson (Book I of the Mars Trilogy)
* Paul: The Power of Myth by Joseph Cambel
* Tina: Star Trek: Lost Souls (Book III of the Destiny Trilogy) Note that Tina’s pick is actually a passed on book that I read first.  She has gotten into the Star Trek novels due to exposure from me. Other honorable mentions: The Areas of my Expertise, by John Hodgman, and Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock. Good food, good conversation.  We’ll see you next time.

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