Moving on. So move on.

It sucks having to say goodbye to a client.  Especially when your clients are good people, and they’ve treated you fairly.

Unfortunately, I’m in that position right now.  It wouldn’t be fair for me to pretend that I can still support people whose websites, and sometimes businesses, depend on me and my services.

I took a job just over two years ago that ended up being a really great thing for me.  I was given a lot of autonomy, and lots of opportunity to do things that really interested me.  All I had to do was sign on.  Full time.  8:30 am – 5 pm.

Since then I’ve learned a lot about my craft, a lot about project management, and a lot about how people I knew before the job depended on me.

Many of those people realized, without prodding, that I wasn’t as available to support them.  Many simply decided to go in a different direction.  I supported that every time – because hey, if I’m honest, I know that it’s better for my ex-client to find somebody who will focus their full attention on what ex-client needs.

Now it’s time to kick the rest out.  I’m drafting a nice – but stern – email that will effectively state that my services will go dark completely in a few months.  It goes out this Saturday.  Option A is to find another provider.  Option B is to say goodbye to your site.  (And in some cases, Option B has probably already been exercised anyway – none of these sites are so big that they’re daily movers.)

I really loved running my own business.  I miss being able to work from home, in my pajamas. On the other hand – I make a lot more money, a lot more reliably (direct deposit!) than I ever did running a business.  That’s enabled me to really start a family and provide them with a nice house and good meals – without going further into debt every day.

Someday, I do want to return to running my own business.  Someday, I want to go back to teaching classes at the University.  In both cases, I know there’s some things I’d do differently.  But today I want to work a 9-5, come home, and enjoy the family I’m working to care for.

So goodbye, former clients.  I will, really, miss you.  Thank you, and I hope you understand.

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