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I like Corsets

A very St. Patrick’s Day worthy episode.  Listen to this if you’re in the midst of your three-day stupor.

I like Quantum Leap

Bak-tacular and Andersonian

I like Traffic Noise

Real, real great episode we have here.  I’ve blocked most of it from my memory, in fact. With @raislak, @pauld, @teenydvl, and @sikkdays.

Rewriting the Co-op

This is a second chapter in a series – the first chapter is “Starting the Co-op.” Following that first successful cycle, we decided to wait through New Year’s, 2007 to open a new cycle.  This gave me a nice, solid … Continue reading

I like Quadraphonics

In this week’s edition of “I like Juice,” we present not one but two complete conversations! In the Left Channel, we have the @sikkdays, the @RymzWiTerminatr, the @raislak, and MC @pauld. In the Right Channel, we have @teenydvl, @ItsLynzi, and … Continue reading

Starting the Co-op

Many of you know that I’m involved in this thing called the West Michigan Co-op.  It’s an online-based farmer’s market (or buyer’s club, depending on who you talk to) that serves the greater Grand Rapids (Michigan) area. I don’t think … Continue reading

Revenge of Burrito

The “Son of Burrito” after-show.  Also, hilarious.

I like Son of Burrito

… and we’re back!  Topics include albino fecal matter, murder mysteries from last week’s (not recorded) dinner, and not Michael Jackson. It needed some editing, but the good news is I’ve tweaked the audio output, so it should be nice … Continue reading

Five Star Trek Pickup Lines

Still missing 5ives from Merlin Mann.  So, I present a list of five Star Trek themed pickup lines.  If these do not work on the subject, then they do not pass the Double-Prime Directive: their culture is not sufficiently advanced … Continue reading

Five things for Young and Old

I miss the regular updates of Merlin Mann’s 5ives.  So here’s something to tide us all over for a bit:  Five things for Young and Old. An Armoir full of Trix. A Social Security check written and signed in crayon. … Continue reading