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Innovators Dilemma

So, hey, Andy Ihnatko is a smart guy. So’s Marco Arment. I don’t know that I entirely disagree when Andy says that consumers lose due to the results of the Samsung / Apple litigation. Maybe I do disagree simply from … Continue reading

Tragedy of the Commons

I can’t say I’m an unbiased voice in this, because I worked (several years ago now) at WCET-TV, a public access TV station that serves the Hudsonville, Georgetown/Jenison, and Grandville communities. But this is something that has been going on … Continue reading

The Evie Blog

Howdy! In case you’ve not seen it yet, Tina and I are blogging things for Evelyn to read someday. You can find it over here: For Evelyn I think I’ll keep the “stuff I’m learning about parenting” posts here on … Continue reading

The Talk Show leaves 5by5

I’m not a big “hey, news” blog, but this has been one of my favorite shows, so I’m inclined to comment. The Talk Show has moved over to Mule Radio Syndicate.  

Clean, fresh air.

This post is about SOPA/PIPA.  It’s not too late, because the fight isn’t over yet.

Moving on. So move on.

It sucks having to say goodbye to a client.  Especially when your clients are good people, and they’ve treated you fairly. Unfortunately, I’m in that position right now.  It wouldn’t be fair for me to pretend that I can still … Continue reading

New Digs

Howdy! Doing a little tweaking to the ol’ blog here.  Picked up a nice responsive design theme for WordPress based on Skeleton.  It’s not perfect, but it’s nice to start with something solid and work from there. So, have a little … Continue reading

I Like Montreal Sauce


Quick Comment on Android

A number of comparisons have been drawn between Apple’s “dominance” of the computing space in 1984, and Microsoft’s successive takeover, with Apple’s current “dominance” of the smartphone space, and the slow rise of Google’s Android. Although the analogy is flawed … Continue reading

I like Mr. T

What a Thanksgiving Eve Treat! This is a throwback episode. How far back you ask?  Well… climb into your TARDIS and go back to… about a year ago, as best I can tell. Yep. Topics include burgers, Doctor Who, life, … Continue reading