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Starting the Co-op

Many of you know that I’m involved in this thing called the West Michigan Co-op.  It’s an online-based farmer’s market (or buyer’s club, depending on who you talk to) that serves the greater Grand Rapids (Michigan) area. I don’t think … Continue reading

Yes, I will watch Hulu. That is all.

You might remember a previous post in which I rant about Hulu, and how everybody was telling me to catch something I missed on Hulu.  If you don’t remember it: here you go. Today, things have changed.

Violating Web TOS Makes You A Criminal

Have you ever violated the Terms of Service on a web site? For that matter, have you ever read the Terms of Service for any of the websites you use on a daily basis? Here’s the links to a few … Continue reading

Turkey Day Break

Hello, all! As you may have guess by no Five and Change on Wednesday, I’m taking a Thanksgiving break. Just wanted to say thanks to all four of you that read regularly. I am thankful for my family and friends, … Continue reading

Trust your instinct.

Today it occurred to me that I am involved in a lot of things that truly interest me. Some of them I make money from, which is a bonus, and some of them I most certainly lose money on, which … Continue reading

Are all generalizations insults?

I was reading a Slashdot post today about the Olympics changing the gymnastics scoring system, when I came across the following by CmdrTaco (one of Slashdot’s primary editors): Now I’m sure that no Slashdot reader will intentionally watch any “sport” … Continue reading

One Bizzare Feeling…

There was a spectacular moment today, where I felt like I was “in the zone.” I thought it was worth a mention. Not sure if this is really a productivity thing, but I’m definitely getting used to my gmail labels, … Continue reading

On Creation and Evolution

I saw a post over at sikkdays and had to respond. I ended up putting essentially a blog post together, so I thought I’d re-post here. The original post at sikkdays was regarding the new Michigan Legislation that is working … Continue reading

Net Neutrality? How ’bout Channel Neutrality?

Inspired by Sikkdays’ post about Net Neutrality, I though I’d put my 2 cents in regarding another, related issue. Net Neutrality Net Neutrality is tiered service based not on the money you pay your ISP, but based on the money … Continue reading

No, I won’t watch it on Hulu…

… so please stop making that suggestion. This derives from a conversation that just keeps cropping up. What it boils down to: I am a fan of Battlestar Galactica. I don’t like to waste time. Despite what Walt Mossberg says, … Continue reading