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I Like Juice is a podcast recorded by Paul D, Paul H, and Tina. Each week we go to a restaurant, chat and eat for an hour or so, and talk about TV, books, and our lives. Good times, and good conversation.

I like Son of Burrito

… and we’re back!  Topics include albino fecal matter, murder mysteries from last week’s (not recorded) dinner, and not Michael Jackson. It needed some editing, but the good news is I’ve tweaked the audio output, so it should be nice … Continue reading

I like Juicy

Excellent episode we have here.  Topics include Buffalo vs Yak style, Eric Bana, and things that rhyme with Terminator. Starring Paul, Paul, Tina, Chris, and newb Tim. Med EE Bot!

Camel-flage Video

Just awesome.

I like Camel-flage

Topics include camel phalanges, stalking Twitter people who talk about sandwiches, and the prevelance of the goatee in Bizarro world. Starring @pauld, @raislak, @teendvl, @sikkdays, and @teenydvl’s Mom.

I like Zebra Print

This episode is long! There’s some good moments in the first half hour, and quite a bit of chewing.  @sikkdays arrives about then, and we have a nice, awesome discussion about poop and nip-ons.  Tagged! Starring Paul, Paul, Tina, and … Continue reading

I like Loose Broccoli

Staring Paul, Paul, Tina, and special guest Chris from sikkdays.  That jerk better freakin’ repost this on his blog. Anyway, we discuss @EmperorNixon, things that are generally “loose,” and the medical side-effects of Lipitor.

I like Frustration

Starring Paul, Paul, and Tina, and once again recorded live at Main St. Pub in Allendale. Topics include an uncomfortable conversation about swinging (yes, that kind), games one plays on the toilet, and a new series called “Dick Harrison, P.I.”

I like Correlation

… but it is not causation.  Starring Paul, Paul, Tina, and guest stars Jean and Mike, who make their cameo for the first 20 minutes of the show. Topics include cropdusting, bird mating, The Big Bang Theory, and The Wizard … Continue reading

I like Fajitas

Starring Paul, Paul, and Tina, as well as special guest Tina’s Mom, Jean. Topics include generally nothing of importance.  Mostly, Fajita talk. Find us online at – you can find Paul at, Proper Paul at, and Tina … Continue reading

I Like the Japanese

This is really a stellar episode.  Starring Paul, Paul, and Tina, as well as Paul (raislak)’s parents, and a walk-in Zeke at about 40 minutes in. In case it’s difficult to make out, Zeke’s opinion is that the Japanese make electronics instructions … Continue reading