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I Like Juice is a podcast recorded by Paul D, Paul H, and Tina. Each week we go to a restaurant, chat and eat for an hour or so, and talk about TV, books, and our lives. Good times, and good conversation.

I Like Basketball

Starring Paul, Paul, and Tina, as well as several appearances from the staff of Main St. Pub in Allendale, MI.  Topics include the Sarah Connor Chronicles, and noisy kids on planes.  Which are probably worse than snakes. Note the wild … Continue reading

I Like You Too

Starring Paul, Paul, and Tina, as usual.  Mostly discussed the Seriese Finale of BSG – for which there are no spoilers, as none have seen it yet.

I like Beer

Episode 4 of I Like Juice.  With Paul, Paul, and Tina; Lindsay as server. We talk about the new Kindle App for iPhone, Watchmen, Dollhouse, and stuff.

I like Curly Thursdays

Featuring Paul D, Tina W.D., Paul H., and Special Guest Jean D. This episode ends rather abruptly, because a personal phone conversation began that we couldn’t include in the episode.  As always, thanks for listening!

I Like Cosmopolitans

Episode 1 of the new podcast, I Like Juice.  Recorded at Walker Roadhouse in Walker, Michigan.